The Experience Painting Project

Course Overview

This workshop will lead you through a series of short kinesthetic exercises designed to give you a taste of the pleasures of moving paint around on large surfaces, mixing colors, using your body as a mark-making tool and enjoying working with others. We will emphasize body awareness, suspending judgment and worry, embracing mistakes, relaxation and flow. Where does your creative expression productively meet others in the context of community? This workshop is appropriate for anyone with any amount of experience. Wear paint-friendly clothing.


Matthew Offenbacher is an artist who seeks constructive, positive positions at often difficult intersections of individuals, communities and institutions. His work has been called “freakishly egoless”, vulnerable, funny and queer. His most recent exhibition was “Feelings” (2019), a painting and dance performance installation at Oxbow, Seattle. He has taught at Seattle University, the Pacific Northwest College of Art and the University of California, San Diego. More about Matt’s work here:

Date & Time: January 30, 2020 from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Fees: $40 (clock hours included)

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$ 40.00