Financial Literacy from Early Childhood to On Your Own

Course Overview

Helping young people become financially literate is an essential skill that is often left until the last minute - or worse - until a moment of crisis. This workshop is a chance for teachers (and parents) to approach the topic in a way that helps young people learn basic financial skills BEFORE a crisis ensues. Participants will learn some financial basics and a few fun ways to practice these skills with our students and children.


Stephanie Cisakowski is the CFO of UCDS. She has over twenty years of experience working as a CFO for independent schools in the Puget Sound region. Stephanie began her career in public accounting as a licensed CPA. Stephanie began working for her three daughters’ independent school (20 years ago) when her oldest daughter started school. Her scope of expertise is extensive and it includes the full complement of corporate finance, accounting, budgeting, banking, treasury, internal controls, and reporting functions.

Stephanie is an advocate of teaching financial literacy. Financial literacy gives constituents the knowledge needed to make important financial decisions. Stephanie really saw the need of teaching her daughters financial literacy as they became middle school students earning money for the first time. Financial literacy can begin at a very early age -- early financial literacy teaches children how to have a good relationship with money and financial management. Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Business Administration with dual majors: Accounting and Finance from Gonzaga University.

David Garrick is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the UCDS College for School Culture. He has been an educator, administrator, and consultant for over twenty years. David has led workshops and classes for adults across the country that include topics such as, concretizing concepts with hands-on learning, inquiry based teaching, student advocacy, and arts integration. David holds a B.A. in History from the University of Washington and an M.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Montana. He earned his Washington State teaching credentials from Western Washington University. David specializes in teaching about the impact of school culture on student success by identifying cultural elements that support engagement of both students and teachers.


Date & Time: January 16, 2020 from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Fees: $40 (clock hours included)

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